lunedì 25 marzo 2013

Something special about Cooking

There is something special about Cooking  and about the people who cook: cooking continues to live on as a way we care for the others. It's a act of kindness, and you really open  your eyes to people in their kitchens, every day you will see hundreds of million of acts of Kindness. This act of love and passion will embrace you during your stay with us. Our Stories of love and passion in our kitchen throughtout the past continuosly close by a new future. Teach Italian Cooking  is a real celebration of the spirit of kindness. 
STAY and ENJOY with us

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Maria ha detto...

mi piace...vengo anch io alla tua school??????????????????? impastricciamo soprattutto tu insegni e io imparo........un baciotto grande da quella del sud.....maria ;)