venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Cooking with someone very Reschio

I must be honest this was one of the first cooking class we arranged at Castello di Reschio in one of the luxury villas called PALAZZO. Unfortunately for privacy reasons I did not get any pictures of my guest as they were part of a very important royal family ( who knows??). But they have been so kind, so nice to me to make feel home and let me photograph any corner of the palace. At the end of the cooking class they just offered us a bottle of Sassicaia and they let us seat down at their table as part of the family. So I had many questions?? His of her Royal Majesty or Highness replied very easily "We live as you can see... having troubles with journalist and photographer and gossip, no matter if it is right or not at the end we are public personality but being always in the spotlight is not such pleasant".  No way to corrupt them to be a long story.
But I can really tell you..............her "normal" princess impressed me so much so. She loved everything we cooked, she had fun and she did not want to leave the kitchen since we prepared the amazing outdoor table with candle lights and fresh flowers. We name each other ad THELMA & LOUISE princesses of the Royal Kitchen. I am sure she will read the article and she will think about her italian cooking experience with a crazy italian girl.

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Bellissimo ....grande ....è uno spettacolo...