venerdì 1 febbraio 2008

The Italian Cooking Tour and Wine Tasting

“Are you ready to wear an italian apron???”

Looking for something to impress your friends and family perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places.

Experience the true italian flavors of world class taste with Velia’s Cooking Style

The idea of experiencing true Italian flavors was born last year in September during a long conversation between friends Julie Diebolt Price, Debbie Linder and Velia, while attending a cooking class in Positano at the Restaurant Il Ritrovo owned by the chef Salvatore barba.

The thought was, “ Why not promote an AmericanTour with Italian Cooking and Wine tasting?” Bringing Velia’s passion for cooking and traditional foods and wines of Italy to the American people

Using the best raw materials, helping and teaching people how to buy and spend the right amount of money to create their fine home dining experience.

Julie Diebolt Price owner of JDP Photography in Tustin California, and Debbie Linder owner the Golden Travel Agency in Chicago worked together to create a new venture with VCS cooking School.

The first step was finding good wineries as sponsors and scheduling wine tastings during cooking class. Thanks to Emanule Sepe very well know wine merchant and owner of Bellagaia he set up a connection between the VCS Cooking School and wineries.

The first winery that agreed to sponsor the cooking tours was SALCHETO WINERY located in Tuscany and the young proprietor, Dr. Manelli was very delighted and willing to offer his sponsorship.

Then the following wineries came after few weeks; COPPO ( Piedmont) CASTELLO DI CAMIGLIANO ( Tuscany) and PUIATTI ( Friuli) who also believed strongly in Velia’s endeavors.

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Mammazan ha detto...

Tu sei una grande!!!
Scrivi in inglese, in cinese(?)
IO me la cavo con il mio italiano e poi sei anche molto graziosa.

velia ha detto...

Cara Mammazan,
questo blog era una scrivo in inglese ma non blog sarebbe la copia del mio sito fatta da una mia amica giapponese...
Tutto qua!!!
Un bacio anche a te....sai che se scrivo sul primo blog non ce la faccio a scrivere su questo!
Tu sei davvero grande Mammazan alis Grazia...bacioni

Velia ha detto...

Ce la faccioooo....